Verizon / HBO

Microsite | Dynamic Video | Social Campaign

Fios 100% Westeros campaign using dynamic video to bring fans into Game of Thrones nobility.

ClientVerizon - Fios / HBO
Timeline1 Month
FormCreative Direction Motion Design 3D Design & Modelling
FunctionUX Design Prototyping Platform Strategy
FlowPlanning Content Design

Fios 100, a division of Verizon, partnered with HBO to produce a fan engagement campaign for the final season of Game of Thrones. We joined forces with Imposium, a leading dynamic video platform, to create a uniquely personalized social experience.

Leading questions

Using scenes from the Game of Thrones series, we created an engaging personality test that put fans in their favourite character's position. When presented with a tough choice, would you keep a secret or betray your house?

A question of loyalty, or honour, or maliceโ€ฆ

We ranked the quiz answers against a matrix of characteristics that aligned fans with various Houses from the series. A personalised social video revealed which House the user belonged to by adding their name on the family sigil. 

Visual parity

3D renders for each House banner were created to align our campaign with the Game of Thrones aesthetic. We then compiled these banners into a composite with background, lighting and visual effects.

Real-time dynamic video

Using Imposium's proprietary technology to instantly render dynamic videos, users were able to share their video as soon as their quiz was complete.

A fitting legacy
Winter has come and gone, but it was fun while it lasted.
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