Northern Brewer

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Let's Brew This. Brand redesign for America's #1 homebrewing and winemaking supplier.

Timeline1 Year
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Founded in 1993 is a single mission to help fellow homebrewers make great beer, Northern Brewer is now the #1 homebrewing and winemaking supplier in America. We were tasked with building a new brand identity to help unify their massive portfolio of innovative products.

The Tip
Itโ€™s a wayfinder. A compass point in the direction of True North. Itโ€™s a graphic representation of the company name and its roots and speaks to Northern Brewerโ€™s knowledge, experience and expertise. It marks not only the path that Northern Brewer has embarked on from its humble beginnings in 1993, but points upward in the direction the company continues to move through relentless hard work and innovation. When it comes to home brewing, Northern Brewer continues to lead the way.

The Tip is a central component to Northern Brewer's new brand. It acts as a stamp of honour on all products and packaging, signifying that the Northern Brewer team has carefully ensured its quality.

Designed To Brew
Our unified designed system aimed to be super-inuitive for new brewers who are likely seeing the tools and ingredients for the first time.
Custom certificate delivered with each batch. A guarantee that if your brew doesn't work out, you get a new kit for free.