Nature's Heritage Cannabis


Nature is full of wonder and endless opportunities to explore.

ClientMarimed Inc.
Timeline3 months
FormIdentity Design Guidelines & Toolkits Packaging Art Direction Creative Direction
FunctionProduct Design Platform Strategy Technology Planning
FlowEcosystem Audit & Planning Social Media Strategy Content Planning Content Design

Through our unique Brand Session we uncovered the truths about the Nature's Heritage brand and their customers.

Customer Identity / Brand Purpose

Nature’s Heritage is committed to creating craft quality, affordable cannabis products for active and health-conscious adventurers. 

Customer Aims / Brand Onlyness

They are the only brand that actively celebrates each strain and explores its heritage for consumers who seek out exciting new experiences.

Customer Mores / Brand Values

Nature’s Heritage reinforces the appreciation of nature in approachable products for those who enjoy the outdoors and are always up for an adventure.


Using vintage and engraved style imagery with a duotone treatment, packaging and collateral can have distinctly different artwork while still feeling cohesive and natural.

The Hare

The Hare can be found exploring every scene on each of Nature’s Heritage recreational cannabis packages. Sometimes she’ll be easy to find, but often it will take a good long gander to pick her out of the surroundings. Always curious, trees at the ready and perfectly tuned up for her next adventure.